As an organisation founded on social values and community contribution, Australian Unity presents a Community Service award to one of the 200+ financial advisers in their licence network each year. This year in Cairns the honour went to Carl Steinfort in recognition of the work that he and his wife Tuuli Vikstedt have been doing for over 10 years in Nepal, helping thousands of beneficiaries including disadvantaged children, the hearing impaired and victims of natural disasters.

The award reflects the values of Steinfort Financial, where care for those that we work with is the foremost of the 5 key values measured in our business.

Carl and Tuuli set up Wind of Change International in 2008, and since that time have helped thousands of beneficiaries in Nepal. To get some insight into this organisation and what inspired it, we would encourage you to watch this video.

With Christmas just around the corner, if you are looking for a different type of gift feel free to make a tax deductible donation towards Wind of Change via the following link.

For those looking for a very personal connection, we are also seeking donors to support bright females who have completed their schooling but are unable to afford to go to University –  by funding their fees (which are minimal compared to Uni fees in Australia!) you could change a young woman’s life. For further reading on the importance of educating females in developing countries see Voices of Youth blog. If you wish to know more, email