Recent experience has seen a couple of clients save more than 1% on their interest rate by switching lenders, and increase their borrowing capacity as well. 

There is no cost to review, but outcomes like the ones above could potentially save you thousands of dollars per year, or tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. We work in close partnership with highly experienced mortgage brokers who can do all the legwork for you to find the most competitive loan that suits your requirements, and they also have the ability to arrange alternate sources of finance if you don't meet the strict criteria of the major lenders.


Key triggers for a review are:

  • Your home loan is more than a couple of years old (Many banks are charging a “loyalty tax” by offering discounts to new clients but not to existing loyal clients)

  • You arranged your loan through your regular bank without shopping around.

  • You are repaying your loan on an interest only basis (recent regulatory changes mean you will be paying a much higher interest rate than Principal & Interest repayments)

  • You have an investment loan (Some lenders are charging a much higher rate for investment loans)

  • You have more than one loan – you may be able to access a lower rate by consolidating your loans, particularly if you have unsecured debt such as personal loans or outstanding credit card balances.


Contact us if you wish to review your lending arrangements and we will put you in touch with our home loan experts.